Hourly Studio Rate: 40$ per hour

Daily Studio Rate: 350$ per day – Based on a 10 hour recording session.

Mixing Rate: 100$-300$ per song – Bring us your songs in raw wave file format and we will beef up your tracks using real outboard gear (not just a computer) and provide you with a hot mix. Price depends on amount of tracks, length of song and editing to be done.

Mastering Rate: 60$ per song – Whether you have a whole album to get mastered for mass duplication or just to get that one or two songs at a good level for internet posting.

Single Song Production Package: 300$-500$ per song – Not only do we engineer and mix/master your song but we can also help with arrangements and general direction for the song. We can also provide an experienced session musician to play drums/Percussion, bass and/or guitar on your song at no extra costs. You can bring us a simple song idea and leave with a fully produced track! Pricing varies depending on how much work needs to be done to the song before recording the finalized version.

Fake drums to Real drums: Pricing varies –  Contact us for an estimate – Does your project lack a certain life and punch due to programmed midi drums? Bring us your tracks and our experienced in-house drummer can add life to your songs by recording real live drums to your specifications. We can copy your original track beat for beat or create a new one altogether.

Audio Transfers: 30$ per hour – We can transfer certain formats of audio (ie. cassette, vinyl record, etc.) for digital back-up(hard-drive, cd, dvd,etc.),We also do cleaning and restoration of audio at the same rate.

Instrument repair and restoration: Pricing varies – Contact us for an estimate – We do setups, repairs and restoration on the following instruments: acoustic and electric guitars and basses, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, violin, viola, drums and hand percussions.